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Myth: Study abroad is too expensive.
Fact: Study abroad can be affordable!
  • Program costs range widely, the Director of International Programs works with students to review program costs and find affordable
  • Federal financial aid can be used on all affiliated programs.  McDaniel institution aid can be used on the Budapest program and the exchange programs.
  • There are many study abroad scholarships out there.

Myth: You need to know another language.
Fact: You don’t need to know another language!
  • There are many programs that offer classes in English in non-English speaking locations.
  • Of course, studying a language abroad is a great way to improve your skills and add a dimension to your learning that is hard to get in the U.S.
Myth: Studying abroad will delay graduation.
Fact: Studying abroad won’t delay graduation!
  • Students work with their academic advisors to get approval for classes to count as major, minor, or McDaniel Plan requirements and/or general electives.
  • Early and careful planning is important!