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Global Bridge Program
Are you interested in hearing more about Global Bridge events and activities?  Click here to sign up!

Global Bridge is a new program for U.S.-based students at McDaniel College who have grown up abroad or are bicultural and/or binational.  You will join with other students in our community who share your experience while also receiving information and added guidance about academic, social, cultural and professional development opportunities targeting your particular needs and interests.  We have a team of faculty, staff, and student mentor/organizers that look forward to getting to know you! By giving us your contact information, you'll be putting yourself on our email list. You can join us for this programming whenever you wish, and you'll be very welcome.  This does not obligate you to join anything--it's just so we can keep you informed of our programming, which includes workshops, social events and mentors from among a team of students just like you, who have arrived at McDaniel to be immersed in a sea of people who may not have the same deep ties with cultures, family and friends abroad.  Thanks for adding yourself to our group! 

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Amy McNichols at